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Jungle life

This short text, in the form of a conversation between Gyani Maiya Sen and Kamala Khatri, recorded on February 10 2013, was analysed by Bhojraj Gautam and Mark Donohue.

Each line is coded for speaker: GM for Gyani Maiya, and KK for Kamala Khatri.

Note the gloss "KK" for [kjan] given in line xxx, and elsewhere. This is a word frequently used by Kamala Khatri, with no known meaning. It is not a hesitation particle, but a marker of her idiolect.

Jungle life 01 GM
(sniff) tsi pinda
Earlier, my …

Jungle life 02 GM
jakantsʰa makantsʰi
uncle, aunt

Jungle life 03 GM
and grandmother …

Jungle life 04 GM
tsi da
they were there.

Jungle life 05 GM
We lived there,

Jungle life 06 GM
I knew.

Jungle life 07 GM
səmba səmba hampe dəgəj han … hana haŋdzi hampe haŋdzi
Later on, which place did they go to?, where did they live?, which place did they live? …

Jungle life 08 GM
tukku tsi ta
I do not know that.

Jungle life 09 GM
nu … n hampe hampe ɲaŋdan
Which places have you lived?

Jungle life 010 GM
tʰaha ba qau tsi
I do not know that.

Jungle life 011 GM
… n … n … n nu ba …
You, …

Jungle life 012 GM
hampe ɲaŋdan
where have you lived?

Jungle life 013 GM
tsi ba hampe saʕən
Where have I lived?

Jungle life 014 GM
tʰaha qau
I do not know that.

Jungle life 015 KK
nu ta kjan
You are … yeah,

Jungle life 016 KK
kũ … kəχ … pindagəi mihaq
a Kusunda (Raja) of earlier time.

Jungle life 017 KK
nu ta nukan
You know well.

Jungle life 018 KK
tsi ta nə.n tukwa
I do not know anything.

Jungle life 019 kk
əm … hana ɲaʕdan hana … s … əm
Where are you would go?, where …

Jungle life 020 KK
nudan (sniff) hana nitan
(where) have you come from? (sniff) where have you been?

Jungle life 021 KK
tsi ta nə.n tukwa tsi ta
I do not know anything of it.

Jungle life 022 KK
tsi ta lahaŋ saʕən da
I did live in the village.

Jungle life 023 KK
jei moi lahaŋda haŋdzi da
Father and mother did live in the village.

Jungle life 024 KK
ũg … tsi ta gilaŋga sãʕdau
I did not live in the jungle.

Jungle life 025 KK
tsi ta nə.n tukkau tsi ta
I do not know anything of it.

Jungle life 026 GM
tsi ta gilaŋga sãʕən
As for me, I lived in the jungle.

Jungle life 027 GM
gilaŋga sãʕən ta jei mai
as I lived in the jungle, my father and mother …

Jungle life 028 GM
tigi jei ba gilaŋga oʕdzi
My father also died in the jungle.

Jungle life 029 GM
mai gəje təisa oʕdzi
And my mother, she died here.

Jungle life 030 GM
hampe gilaŋga saʕŋda mjaqa
How to live in the jungle alone?

Jungle life 031 GM
mehaq bəhri (lə) lahaŋga haŋdzi
All the (other) Rajas lived in the village.

Jungle life 032 GM
gilaŋga nəti haŋəndzi
So, who lived in the jungle?

Jungle life 033 GM
toq mjaqa maɾa
Only us, alone.

Jungle life 034 GM
toq ba lahaŋga saŋdan
We also lived in the village.

Jungle life 035 KK
um… (sniff) … tsi

Jungle life 036 KK
tsi ta nə.n tukwa tsi ta (sniff)
I do not know anything of it … (sniff)

Jungle life 037 KK
u … jei, jei bəni
Father, my father too, …

Jungle life 038 KK
jei məi lahaŋda hãdzi
My father and mother lived in the village.

Jungle life 039 KK
g … əg … … ag … aidjai gəmdan kjan (sniff)
They begged, they survived, yeah…

Jungle life 040
ũ … ũx … ũxũ bibidəi
They walked (to different places).

Jungle life 041 KK
hana tãʕdəi hanai ba utãʕdəi
Where they went … where they came from.

Jungle life 042 GM
əmm …

Jungle life 043 KK
Nothing … I don't know anything.

Jungle life 044 GM
aiənda daʕəndzi bela ba …
While you'd go to beg, too …

Jungle life 045 GM
nije jen əwəi bətsʰəi bətsʰəi
… your legs and arms would be big and strong.

Jungle life 046 GM
… aiənda nudan nu
Did you come here begging?

Jungle life 047 GM
undzi rəŋgo undzi
They said so … and they scolded (us).

Jungle life 048 GM
mm… na mehaq gemjaq
(confirmation) This Raja … Banraja …

Jungle life 049 GM
aiənda ugundzi undzi
came to beg, they say so.

Jungle life 050 GM
rəŋgo rəŋgo əgəndzi
They'd quarrel with us.

Jungle life 051 GM
ədzi ta egəndzi ədzi ta eggu
Some gave, while other didn't give.

Jungle life 052 GM
ajadze tudan waha
We simply came home (without getting anything).

Jungle life 053 GM
nətn̩ nəmda waha
What did you eat at home?

Jungle life 054 KK
ii … jen … əm … gũ … ũ … ũx kjan
Er, legs … Yeah, as they used to go very far away …

Jungle life 055
huntu huntu tãʕdəi da

Jungle life 056 KK
jen … jen … dzəu … dzəu əgən ta
… and as (their) legs were tired…

Jungle life 057 KK
gidza … pəuhundəi
their bodies … (their bodies) got tired a lot.

Jungle life 058 GM
əmm …

Jungle life 059 KK
ən … kjan …

Jungle life 060 KK
iskiin …
It became night.

Jungle life 061 KK
əre … kjan … ũg
Uh, yeah, …

Jungle life 062 KK
ũg … ginaji
Uh, … their …

Jungle life 063 KK
gi … gidzaŋ gjawa qau mjat
(their) I guess that their bodies did not have strength.

The entire text (134 seconds) can be accessed in one file:

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